Secret Identity

Don’t you just want to smile, sometimes, and allow someone to be your hero?

I do. You know, let someone else be challenged where they are great.

I’ll be the hero where I am.

I’m guessing, the more heroes in action in the world, the more my greatest visions of a wonder world are happening. You know, every person has a different power, so no one has to do everything, and get it right. No one group has all the powers, and is able to do everything best. Apple is the exception, of course.

Not even the mythical powers that be have got it all, they just have the powers that be, not the powers that are to be, nor the inner power in every person. That’s allot of power not to have, when it’s rumored you got it all.

What about  the power of fate, belief, need, desire, and entrepreneurship, and well, to cliché it, love?

I’m sure the Powers That Be sucked all these up, too.

By the powers that be, I mean whatever it is that I imagine, has got power over me; death, taxes, and the devil, or fate, circumstance, lack of opportunity and all that race, gender and luck related craziness, and institutions.

What about my own powers; perhaps my own superpower?

For me, the knowing I have a power is the easy part. Believing in myself, and trusting my choices, that is the wicked part. You know, delusions of grandeur and all that.

Thinking I am especially gifted, mystical in some unprovable way is like pointing out a pink elephant in polite company. It’s signing up to be stereotyped, getting those slanted, unbearable, sanity questioning looks then flying headlong out of a cozy community. Yep, super fun that one.

I would be complaining, but I am my own polite company. I give myself the looks, and ostracize myself. My shoulder is ice. Then, I accuse myself of delusions of grandeur, and who do I think I am?

Who am I to have a spidy-sence which I can act on by non-action, and the stillness of asking? Who am I to always get an answer, and get results?

So, delusions are on my mind. What is it that triggers the idea of delusions of grandeur?

What is the difference between offering a viable, mystical, unimaginable, super-gift, with epic healing or whatever, effects, and being stuck in a place of, I’m so great, or in thoughts of I’m so powerful?

It’s becomes clear when I ask myself the right questions.

If I were a superhero, and could really make a difference, what would that difference be, as in, who is affected?

Something is helped, a person, a group, a community. So, let’s say I help, using my unique powers, and willingness to do it, and this action makes the world is a better place. So, this makes me a hero.


If being a hero means doing something good, helping someone in need for example, or making something better for people or a person or animal, or a place, then it is important because the person is important.

No person in need, no hero. No person with a problem, no hero. No powers, super or otherwise, needed. To be a hero, someone has to need, and not be able to do for themselves. That need becomes important only because a person is important.

So, the greatness of a superhero is derived from the intrinsic value of a person. You are a hero becouse of the value of a person helped. A person, any person is so valuable and intrinsically worthy of rescue and care, that if you have a superpower or any power and help the helpless with it, it makes you a hero.

You can be a hero by the rescued person recognizing that you recognized their value, and acted on it. A person sees you for the powerful person you are, and believes in you. The “powerless” endow you with power.

That still came from the person, or as it’s said, the people. You a the hero to whomever sees your action and believes in you and requests or allows you to serve them. So, the heroness is endowed from the helpless. Then it is strengthened by anyone who recognizes your abilities. abilities that would mean nothing, if no one needed them or recognized them. So, heroness still originates form the power of those whom it serves.

Heroness exists because of, and to serve man’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The quality of hero, is of the people, for the people, and by the people. It’s a gift that derives its power, and it’s meaning from the people it serves.

Delusions of grandeur are about truly having a gift, some healing power to serve, and not recognizing it is only good in service.

It’s only good because people matter.

by not recognizing my own intrinsic, innate, person value, then figuring I need to suck it out of my great gifts then reapply it to myself is the process of manic aggrandizement.

People matter most.

When I look around, I can’t tell.

Now I look at the way I have been treating those closest to me. I have forgotten that motherhood is derived from the preciousness of the child.

So, now I chose to remember. And I’m choosing to remember that I am the precious child of my community, of my government and the powers that be.

It seems like our ideas of “public service” have been manic, depressive, and delusional.

So, what can we expect from our institutions?

Hitherto, I’ve expected just what we have all been experiencing, together, children and grown ups alike.

Now, I figure, that I am the meaning. I’m the reason, and the purpose of my community and my civilization. I am the power, and the purpose of my government. Everyone works for me.

Everyone works for you

And those of you waiting for an invitation to use your superpowers to leverage out clean free energy, to de-glitch the economy, wrangle world peace, heal the sick, feed the hungry, beautify and sanctify, and create heaven on earth for me I’m offering you some of my power for our purpose.

I am in service, too.

Thanks all my superheros!

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