I Will Be Tense. I Am Tense. I Was Tense.

The Empty Pen

In my last post, I told you how I was procrastinating by writing a children’s book…’cause, you know, that’d be easy.

Aside from the concern over illustrations (before the book was written), I pondered presentation (again, before the book was actually written) and wasted an afternoon educated myself on book binding thanks to YouTube. These things look hard…and make the writing seem easy.

Seriously though, writing for a reader who is not me is difficult. I don’t know the vocabulary or how much detail is too much or how much foreshadowing is needed.

What surprised me as being even harder than vocab and foreshadowing was tense. From the outset, I wrote in present tense. It felt like the natural thing to do, but I have no idea why. Everything else I’ve ever written has been in past tense.

I’ve heard that present tense is the new thing for novels…

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