Social Nature

August in Elgin needs a breeze.  She need the cloud wrestling fall breeze to trot by, sweeping leaves, and spirits up. Fall Breeze, however, is not due till the end of September. Her soft puffs have nothing to do with this. This smashed stillness after Sun pounds the land into vessels of radiant heat slow released in tepid puddle nights. Still Heat and Cool Breeze don’t even talk. They passed each other on opposite errands in set weather patters.

This time of sweltering year Rain Storm is on vacation. A schoolteacher, she is completely unnatural in July or August.

This year is a fairy tale. They must have friended, and liked each other on Facebook. Then the birds got involved. Suddenly, this year, it rained two weeks in July and August. Almost very evening, too, one or other of the Wind sisters clad in wisps of cloud, or wrapped in thunder heads, sneaks in for a girl’s night out with one or the other of the Natural Phenomena. They dance ancestor princess dances like the sea is near by, only without the humidity.

Mother Nature is catching on.

What do you think?

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