Creation Myth Skills

Every skill or desire, need and adventure has its own creation story.

Why do I want what I want?

How did I get to want it and delight in it so much?

How did I get it? Or how did I not get it (yet)?

The order of the questions is the equation of the archtype of story.

There are as many creation myths as there are characters who experiance buigining. If there are two sides of a conflict, right there there are to opposite stories. A girls side of it. A kids part in it. The magic persons perticipation. The pesants, the princes.  The more perspectives the more stories. The winners write history, but the losers control the undercurrent the underground. Losers have the best stories. The underdogs shadowy, dangerous, to straight or to crooked characters that in reality no one wants to be around, delight us in stories and movies.

As long as there is a journey where growing is happening and new adverturous story is created who really cares. Pirates have been the terror of stories and still terrorize some seas now, yet, the adventures of honor and the lack there of among thieves delights in Pirates of the Carribean.

We pay attention to and learn from what ever we are drawn to and connect with, from our family and community and the sports and teams around us. So we get our creation stories too. And there are as many different and amazing ones as there are sports teams.

What do you think?

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