Karma Shopping

A  Mystical Shop. I’m in the middle of row and shelves eagerly shopping for karma.

The image drifted down like a big red leaf in the fall. I reach out and catch it in mid-air.

Hello leaf.

What do I do with you?

Its bright golden orange, rimmed in red, cut edged perfect symmetry, intricate design. The ground is not covered in leaves. The leaves high above in the magnificent canopy aren’t flaming.

This one fell to me.

At home, it has a place on my altar. It lives there quietly till it grows into visions of Quest Shopping. Eager, calculating planning choosing like an avid  gamer.

Character building. Challenge selecting. selecting a sport, taking sides, building teams, training, evolving the rules of engagement, looking forward to the trials, tests of strength, the growth qualifying for the championships.

The bending of the rules. Braking the rules. Winning. Cheating. Prize. Losing. Playing. To die. Playing again. Trying again. Leveling up. Finishing quests. Making friends. Making enemies. Seeing our friends die. Being rescued. Creating new stories. Reliving the good old stories.

The World

Our game set ups are as ingenious diverse creative and engaging as our movies and our t.v. shows our art and letters, architecture and fashion. What world? What challenges, what rules and restraints, what limitations? what do you want to learn, to understand, to strengthen, to redo, to do over, to achieve?


What do you think?

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