Mob y Dick mob…

Mob y Dick

mob: wild fire tearing ravageing through institutions, and government

dick. the institutionalized right thing to do burned through by mob

white whale

white elephant

whale hunters obsessed with hunting destroying moby dick

the carcass of an edible giant fish dragged home picked clean, and white

priceless, and unsellable, oh wait, non-monetizable- dirty word.

third choice


lets go back to moby and dick at least we know that game

cain and able

cowboys and indians

cops and robbers

knight against dragon

shrek a grown up fairy tale

mob bad-kidnappings, extortion, insecurity, murder, lawlessness, ( ha ha!)

dick bad-corporate, law, scripted perfection, death by inertia, inconsequence, status quo,             spare-part-hood.

Murder or kidnap me

child games

what is the question?

what are delightful grownup games?

runescape an easy answer

Your answer?

What do you think?

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