Lucifer Was Framed

The Eve was framed bumper sticker inspired that one.

The idea though, well that’s a different inspiration, or would I have to say temptation?  Wht is the difference between inspiration and temptation anyway?

Doesn’t God inspire, the other one tempt?

how different are the two?

If you had to choose one, would you rather be tempted or inspired?

I guess in a strip club, I’d prefer inspired. But in the bedroom, tempted is better.

The wonder is how we can stand to exist with halve the visceral engaging delights of life chunked in to one bunch of stereotyped stuff. Key word seems to be “exist”. Lets just exist. Survive, perhaps like roaches or any careful or robust species destined to survive weather surviving is worth it or not.

If it is worth it. And we did all the protective bomb shelter, don’t be tempted out stuff to survive. Well have we already survived. What indicated survival?

What if we have to come out and look around and notice that danger is over and we can aloow ourselves to be tempted again.

The devil was just the boogie man that kept us aware that there is danger. Some things, like alcohol to alcoholics must be completely avoided. For this terrific group this is a great plan. The rest of us can enjoy our buzz though.

I guess all these little differences, everyone’s cryptonite gets lumped under Devil then chunked on to this one shady character Lucifer The Morning Star. Or the Son of the Morning. Is that becuse the morning conceives him, gestates all day and gives birth to darkness?

What do you think?

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