The Evil Media

God damn! Everytime the media writes almost anything about Mormons in national media except for the new “I am a Mormon” campaign, it is usually makes zero sense from pretty much start to finish.

Reporters what the hell are you thinking?

You are’t.

Yesterday sitting down to write up a profile for a local buisness, I suddenly realized. I am now the evil media. It’s that here is this story I have to come up with based on these boring facts. What do you write about a title company. How bout making a roofing company look good? Someone has to want to watch this. Wow roofing. Wow, umh title company.  That’s how I know I’m the evil media, cuz I have all  theses facts that who the hell knows why they are important, and I have to make something interesting with zero understanding of how this is important or meaningfull except well, roofs go on houses, titles go to houses. Houses are good. I like houses.  I need some searious help here. So, I go to interview the people… I realize that these title companies omg life saver! When I buy my first house, which I have been putting off thinking about cuz its so much paper trouble…well, they gave me freedom to imagine a pleasant home buying experiance. When I get my roof replaced. Almose looking forward to it just becouse these guys exsist, I’m totally choosing this roofing company. I can work with this and show the truth in a short comercial. However all the evil media writers who wrote those first storys about Mormons or Mormon  offspring, I mean offspring, not offshoot htere was no way to get the kind of interview perspective that I got. They had to produce out of thin air, something pople wanted to read. I’m not sure about the first ones way back in the 1800s, but when some young reporter got a headline today story of completly wierd news of unimaginable circumstances, and events there was no one to interview that made any kind of sence to get to understand what was going on. If I were the reporter who had to get out a story flawlwssly edited for the evening news, I would have invented whatever story I could and, made it interesting, speculated, tried to get the footage on it, got it to my station on time, with zero added perspective or understanding, too. Very evil of me.

What do you think?

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