8 thoughts on “Working

      1. Well “they” do say that work builds character, and most of the “hard-workers” I know need all the help they can get in that department. Standing (or even better, sitting) aside to let them work as much and as hard as they want seems both charitable and praiseworthy.

        PS. You really have to worry about “they” sometimes…

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        1. “They oh “they”?
          I mean why oh why?…

          It’s that word, again!
          The relentless “Theyness”of things that just were before.
          It’s a foothold situation.
          Theyness now exists and has taken over.
          Now every time in my usual way, I try to see and act like a normal person ascribing power blame authority and causes to the usual “They” some inner laughter starts to giggle then guffaw. Lucky for me at least I don’t call that “They”.
          It’s more relentless than my freaken conscience.
          House, you’ve created a monster.
          I updated the post to fit the new reality
          It’s haunted, reality is


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