6 thoughts on “Anthony de Melo is Real

    1. Hiya Allison!
      Had to stop in for some soul refreshing sights and sighs.
      Loved your finding old post cards.
      Reminded me to fetch your book off Amazon. Now I have a reader again I can read it. It made me sigh so big when I started it that the sigh didn’t stop and something came loose. Happens when I read Walt Whitman too. So I stop so I can breath again. Then breath the thing the words brought in.
      It’s not really explainable. If it was swooning then I’d just say swoon.
      Looking forward to getting back and seeing if you are growing anything and still sweeping the village church on Saturday.


      1. No – I gave that job to someone else, who conveniently needed it more than I did some years ago! Tomatoes. Green, about the size of a ping pong ball, and not yet featured on the blog. That’s what is mostly growing. I cannot tell what the potatoes are doing; they prefer to hide beneath. Breathing is good. So is Walt Whitman! Hugs back.

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