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  1. I make a cookie that has become famous. I got the recipe from my grandmother who got it from a lady at church, I think.

    I have been making these cookies for over 20 years. Everyone who tries them says it’s the best cookie they have ever eaten.

    Some ask for the recipe which I always share since I have it memorized. But they all say “really!” when I tell them the secret ingredient, it’s not “love” either.

    Baking/cooking is something I do. I do it because I like it. I do it because that is my role in our family. I do it because that is who I am. So many people ask who made these cookies. And when I say “me”, they say “no you didn’t”, then I say “I lied, my wife made them”.

    The shame of being a man who makes cookies is felt deeply. The shame that is felt from my family and friends for being a dad that takes care of the house and family hurts. The shame that is felt by all of us dudes that do housewife work has caused us to hide.

    Once you start hiding, things only get worse. You stop making cookies. I have stopped making cookies because I don’t want to be asked the question.

    Maybe it time to start making cookies again and be proud to say “yes, I made them”

    Love is the secret ingredient with everything I do…

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  2. Hello DaddyYoYo

    I dig you, what you do and your secret ingredient that is and isn’t love that you share with anyone who asks.
    Well, everyone who used to ask? But now you’re going screw that and switching back to yeah I baked these damn things?

    You’re fantastic. So is your story. Women whose men don’t do what you do for them often don’t know what they are missing or may be jealous.

    My mariage may have lasted had the man been more like you.
    My brother raised his three babies. You have a huge and wonderful advantage. He never baked cookies and embraced it the way you seem to be capable of.

    I rather witness you in your full daddy’s spirit shining and being than witness Jesus in the clouds of heaven.

    You’re right though, the looks with the questions, especially the ones we ask ourselves about our value compared to the real standard, as opposed to our cookie standard. The answers add up to I’m not good enough. I should be like something else.

    You for baking as a guy. My for not baking as a gal.

    I would get baking just to taste your cookies though.
    The whole world’s flavor is better with you in it.
    You’re lucky. When you see that « you ? » look on a face with your cookie in it, you can feel like a daring chef who just introduced an acquired taste and celebrate your triumph.
    Cuz you’re really a freedom fighter and a civil rights activist under cover of kids and cookies.

    You bring fresh and freedom. Freedmen for yourself and for me and for women who need a break and men who are not welcomed to openly delight in the wonderful realms of fatherhood you thrive in.

    I’m going to remember you’re out there all day.
    I didn’t know you existed.
    Thank you for telling me!
    This knowledge is more precious to me than your legendary cookie recipe. But ohh I desire that too!


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