12 thoughts on “Personhood

  1. An answer to a question I am on a quest to discover and feel and know. An inner calling, but a lost soul, seeking what I know is a part of me, pursuing it with on failed attempt after another. Then comes the question, What Value Do I really have?

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      1. All good questions. I am on that journey now to be able to answer them without doubt. Not completely there yet.

        But I do believe that it is an innate voice within all of us to have the need to create a life that is of value, for ourselves and others.


  2. Respectfully, and recognising there are problems in this oversimplification, I think that we cannot assign value to ourselves (a banknote has significant “inherent” value, only what we assign to it). Our personal value comes from the good opinions of those around us whose “virtue” (for want of a better word) gives them value in our eyes. In other words, our value is defined by those with value around us (and possible posterity).

    Just a thought.

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    1. Well, the problem with allowing other people that are around you to assign you a “value” is inherently dangerous for anyone to allow. Example: Trump as assigned a value to women (as most misogynistic men do) having a value only if beautiful and sexual. Women assign value also as to men (shallow indeed) for profession, money, and physical form. If you don’t believe in who you are (a value of worth) as a person you will be valued little. Your own good opinion of who you is what matters, because no one knows you better than you and your self worth. My personal opinion only!

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      1. I think you missed a key part my post; “Our personal value comes from the good opinions of those around us whose “virtue” (for want of a better word) gives them value in our eyes.” Mr Trump, I feel certain you would agree, lacks that virtue and so his “good opinion” is of no value. The same would apply to people with particularly misogynistic or xenophobic view points; the people whose “virtue” we value – it is their good opinions that best provide a judgement to our own worth. Looking into a mirror shows you nothing that you do not already know and it cannot provide validation, that comes from the reflection in the eyes of those we value.

        Just a personal view.

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        1. I agree. You are talking about people we admire and have a good opinion of and yes, because it is important who we look up to and even model ourselves and our beliefs as well. So very true, Rhino House! K.D. 🙂

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