7 thoughts on “Me Me Me

  1. I like me most of the time. I like metrical poetry all the time, and this poem is metrical. The lines scan. The poem is in iambic dimeter, two stresses to each line.
    AnOTHer WORD
    I SO carESSED
    “I LOVE! I LOVE!”
    I WAS
    The caps are the stressed words (writing metrical poetry can be stressful, but that’s not what’s meant). I’ve read fine poems of yours that scanned. Had I suggested your reading metrical poetry especially aloud? You’ll pick up on the sound of it.

    Of course, I enjoyed the poem. Look at the fuss I’ve made over it!

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    1. You make me smile pretty big. Compared to the sressful place that poem popped out of or into.
      I love metrical poetry. I’ll do as you suggest and read it out loud. Then I’ll be more aware of what these apparitions are.
      You always give me something to think about and I love to wonder so your comment fills me with emotion especially gratitude.


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