6 thoughts on “Political

  1. Truth’s bitter embrace only ever shows us the mirror or our souls, where we creep naked, fooled, ashamed and betrayed amongst the rubble of our compromises. Intimate, complicit and unforgiven, surrounded by all of our failures and always looking to be justified.

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  2. Now that’s a big hunk of truth.
    *stares in mirror fifteen minutes trying not to blink*
    I wonder were compromise is the grease that helps the wheels turn and leaves the feeling of good digestion rather than that other.


  3. Compromise between people is the lubricant that makes societies functional (ie “good”) while internal compromise, between, say, self-interest and principle contribute to a reduction of the (ego) “self” (i.e. “bad”). The trick is to maintain the balance.

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    1. Yes, yes precisely. Thank you. I was having trouble being clear.
      Yes balance and clarity distinguishing the areas of compromise between people and our diverse needs and interests like great politicians accomplish on one hand and how it corrodes and reduces a person when something better is compromised for something worse in thoughtless self interest on the other hand yet it’s the same word: compromise.
      In Spanish compromiso means appointment, engagement or a responsibility.


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