Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Reality may actually be a hologram/simulation board game created by [the divine].  On bending it:  we’ve all heard of great enlightened masters who knead existence like putty, but that requires the ballsiness to whittle egoic impurities down to a shred.  As they become closer to divinity, they become more “restricted” to the three nondualistic activities:  loving/laughing/dreaming.  

The other way to bend reality is to play the board game of illusory dualities (society/anarchy, good/evil, honor/villainy).  The more dualities we introduce, the more “rules” we need to invent (etiquette/discipline/motive/etc.) to navigate the board.

 Anyways, I sure as hell am no saint.  I and most of you are on one of an infinity of board games and there’s nothing wrong with that—because we’re still loved by [the divine].  Lets enjoy the hell out of playing “The Game.”  😉

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One thought on “Musings

  1. We are basically matter and energy interacting, and if we are playing pieces, who the player? We are. We created realities with our minds, and we sometimes get violent about differences. And game? Monopoly, those who have the most control the most.

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