6 thoughts on “Soul Food

    1. The legendary French croissant is a unicorn were I live. So we worship at the alter of pancakes. A whole different religion. Less light and refined the layers are not tiny and they don’t melt in your mouth and make you feel glad to be alive…I think the croissants at my local bakery may be abominations.
      Your croissants may be the best layered idea of layered lives to feed and fill and create soul story thingy.


      1. LOL. When I lived in the US there was a local baker who made seriously good croissants. Every day I’d buy one on the way to the office and tell him how good they were, and how like the “real thing”. On the last day before I returned to Europe when I arrived I was served by his wife – who was French and who actually made the croissants. Assumptions are the chink in our “armour of life”.

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        1. Dang
          My armour of life is so chinked.
          I’m gonna look for a good croissant in my town. Far I found a great flaky crisp moist cinnamon roll that comes apart in strips and melts in your mouth.
          I dream about it.
          I’ll venture to try the croissants they may make. I’m so chinked I never tried them.

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