8 thoughts on “Pleasure

  1. Every one of the elect, the saved or the born-again is chained to one of the abandoned, the damned or the lost. This way the world is kept in place between the two extremes of Heaven and Hell where humanity withers and all its collective endeavours are replaced by the white-noise of someone else’s song.


    1. The tension between ugly and beautiful is where art is born and lives. I’m still blown away so that’s all I can say just now. Though where does insight like that come from. That is the plot of an epic or a puzzle piece to the world. I’m both inspired and frozen. My wonder feels jammed.


  2. Hmmmhh desire is in the middle of the spectrum
    It seems that when emotions overflow our capacity to hold them we vocalize. But your question seems deeper than that. So I’m still wondering too now. Why so we?


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