Chance Encounter

I entered the world at the butthole end of a saga conceived in Ensenada Jail despised and feared before I was born, while not being a boy was a letdown to my parents. I remember coming home from the hospital though for some reason. I wasn’t all bad even being a girl and my father in jail. Being a girl when good men were so desperately needed in our world was unblessed. Men were needed like my father for what in my mother’s mind was the future, survival the greater good her purpose. But Fluffy didn’t care.

Fluffy, he must have been waiting for me cuz I don’t actually remember coming home from the hospital I just remember being welcomed home. A sudden fast excited warm wet smoochy welcome. Someone was ecstatic to see me. Happy. Happy. Happy. With every lick You’re here! You’re here! You’re here! Lick lick lick. I couldn’t breath so I cried and couldn’t cry with no air, but the warm breath and wet wet warm sticky licks all over my face in my face filled my chest with joy. I was filled with the feeling of welcome welcome! Woof woof! while not being able to breath and lots of bounciness.
That’s all I remember vividly and nothing else till I’m two or so with a saggy diaper.

My sister Tosh remembers though. She remembers. We used to have a dog. Then you came along and ruined everything.


5 thoughts on “Chance Encounter

    1. Not in the moment nope cuz where would the growth and suspence be for the story arch and the overarching unsuspected amazing long term outcomes like whole a new kind of person.


      1. Try watching the waves arrive on a beach, each draws back to be replaced by another with a different shape and reach. Uneven and transitory they shape the land in its eternal and ever-changing embrace with the sky

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