2 thoughts on “Bound age

  1. You wrote this? What is the source that inspired this amazing analogy and metaphor? It’s amazing! A little difficult to totally understand, but the basic idea is very insightful and inspiring. And it makes us think!

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    1. Yes hun I write poems like this one and stuff. You inspired me Steph. The cunundrums we were disscussing. Makes me wonder. Then I went to edge of humanity blog on WordPress and saw all the pictures of the lotus feet bound to be beautiful. And wondered, like now, what happened in China then that led to this ideal and what the way back to worthiness may be. We seem to value soul binding now. Bounding feet is better. We can see it. Invisible bindings are a bit more challangeing. Working on how to address my own with loving kindness. Souls grow back. I think.


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