4 thoughts on “42% Clarity

      1. I think you need to be a modest asshole because not everyone can tolerate the stinky merits of it – not everyone is ready to have the bullshit exposed (most people rely on the bullshit, most people build their identity on bullshit) – in fact, we need to have a very sensitive and responsive asshole life-thermometer to know when to turn it up full-blast (like in writing) and when to keep it on a respectable minimum (saves on energy bills); still, whaddeye-no, but anyway it was nice meeting your foot

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  1. “Energy bills”
    That’s why I read your poems. Right there.
    It’s perspective, not my foot. Not that it’s not my foot. Quicker than someone else’s foot. Footie sais it’s nice to meet you too. And we aren’t even on shroons…are we?
    It just seemed that no one is the asshole to herself. Least of all me. Yet other people are the only ones who annoy or are mean or ignore it seems.
    Since I’m responsible not only for everything I say and how anyone else may take it, It’s a way more stable pespective to be grounded in I’m not only the ass I have been, potentially and at any time.
    Like when I didn’t inform you that I wished you a happy birthday.
    *Cut and pasted in time* Happy Birthday Lewis.
    I will be as asshole again.
    Sometimes my heart and typing fingers can’t agree on anything good enough to say. And I can’t find not my phone’s charger but my writer’s.
    Then I miss youand youguys.
    Knowing I’m at all times an ass and a potential ass is my cue to pay attention feel see, really and listen.
    Lots of fun this way.
    Assholes have all the fun.
    You are right about when to turn things up and when to save on the bill.
    Evidently I need work cuz mine keeps getting discconected for lack of payment.
    ((( Lewis )))


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