That Afternoon


What did You wonder?
What happened to you? 
Wherever you where
That Afternoon
What did you Do?
On September Eleventh
In the evening
What were you doing?

Tell me your Afternoon Action.
You may post a link to your moment on your blog in comments or just comment here.

4 thoughts on “That Afternoon

  1. What I instinctively did that afternoon is a question rather like what is the one thing I’d take out of a building on fire.
    The answer reveals.
    Whatever I did is pretty close to what my life is about.
    I went into Deep quiet and wondered about Life and people fishing for hope and a future like the Old Man and the Sea. I journeyed into the heart of the story then wept there. Mostly for the hijackers.
    Never knew how to describe what I did till this week reading a Terry Pritchett story called Maskerade. In the mad story the wonderful Mistress Weatherwax asked a Phantom of the Opera who loved and lived in the the Opera House what would you take out with you if the Opera House was on fire?
    He answered: I’d take out the fire.

    I went into the fire of our story. Attempting to funnel it into our sea. That’s what I did. That’s what I am about.


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