9 thoughts on “Office

        1. Sounds like you all have been having that much fun while I was away…having fun…
          So no more teacing. I liked you teaching. You seemed so I don’t know like hope.
          Glad I get you here though. So writing is fun to you or is you. Expected that. I like that you write Lewis. Spinning webs in my brain and all that.


          1. Hey, Way – we all have fun, way over in the corner of the field where no one notices – we need an audience and you used to supply a whole crowd; where’ve you been all this time – away from a computer: blog it (or am I being too personal, sorry); my career died on 12/12/12, but I have been reincarnated and am still teaching, at the same school, under the same conditions, but just a slightly-enough different person this time to tolerate it, so far; had to start taking medication, resisted all my life, time for a happier mlewis to surface …


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