12 Days of Christmas STORIES: “Stars of Wonder” by Kate Shrewsday


If you aren’t already enjoying Kate Shrewsday‘s blog on a regular basis you don’t know what you are missing. Do yourself a favor and click HERE to sample her lovely writing, then hit the follow button so you can enjoy Kate’s view of the world in the future.

Here’s a little something she wrote for 12 Days of Christmas STORIES (thanks Kate!!!)…

Stars of Wonder

by Kate Shrewsday

Flake 13

So Christmas wears on, and the presents are all open, the last vestiges of the turkey are finished, and this time two odd thousand years ago the smallest wise man would be asking asking the other two, “Are we nearly there yet?”

The question would not help matters. The charm of trekking across the desert after stars would have largely worn off, and the other two would scowl and hug their cloaks to them in the chill of the desert night.

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