12 thoughts on “Zen-Zero Tasking

    1. You are so observant!
      I can’t get enough of your attention to detail, curious unflinching open-eyed mind.
      Even while I’m on vacation. : )
      The whole messy world settles to Right somehow when you pay attention Allison. I wonder if so this unique individual magic like this of yours could emerge is the meaning of life.
      I don’t wonder about right balance and the mysteries of life when I read you. It’s suddenly all settled. Maybe this is the thing I couldn’t put my finger on when I tried to explain the allure of your blog.
      Thank you for paying some of your magic attention this way. : ) It’s better than currency.


    1. I am reading again.
      Your story wrecked me.
      I wanted to be little you, but it wouldn’t allow. Now I get you, why you tap universes in me. All I could do anymore to curl up into little me.
      I was at the verge of falling into a game and that child from another time blew me in. Trapped in fun, mini refreshing Never Never.
      That was all of you I could hold in my chest without something I don’t understand or control happening, Allison. Same as when I read Whitman somewhere in song of myself my lungs try to escape.
      Anyway, I am not that mature so I just stayed there and didn’t come back to report myself and your story missing.



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