6 thoughts on “Ugly Mythical Creature

    1. I know right and all when she doesn’t even exsist.

      I mean really! What woman would would destroy her girlish figure for nothing if she had options? Not one. Childbirth without deeply wanting the resulting baby is so not worth the pain! Except well the mythical Aborshonists, they are the exceptions. We need to fight them and all who purposefully schedule late term abortions just for the thrill of the unbearable pain, extended recovery time and failed ensuing weight loss programs. ; )


        1. The way ahead.
          It seems to be the place some human unfortunate paths have wound up at. It’s a miserable exception. Not a rule. A woman and anyone dealing with that late term option must be in a lot of pain, confusion, ill, or any number of issues that would account for going full term just to kill rather than to give life.
          I like life.
          Including such a mothers’s life.
          I make no attempt to understand the sad mystery of a late term abortion. I would fail even I got a masters degree in comprehending the situations that would lead down this path.
          I just don’t think anyone is a monster, or planned to, or wanted such stupid choices.
          And the pro life use of the late term idea as a horrific way to deter woman who want to break up as soon as they know they are unwontedly pregnant by creating a mythical abortionist monster is dumb.
          That’s all.
          I prefere that no late term abortion ever happen.
          And I figure that any woman who underwent, or undergoes this procedure would have preferred to solve the issue lots sooner. I hope its safe to conjecture that the baby would have been lots better of not having a life in the first place, too. Just my guess.
          No one wants late term abortions.
          So fighting them and feeling righteous about is an oxymoron.


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