I Need to Kill Something! -Mind the Gap

I need to kill something!

I need to kill something, but, I hate to hurt things and people. I know I don’t like it cuz I have tried both.

Never got over all the cacti I chopped down pretending I was slaughtering the enemy. No I was not clearing land. Just fighting the enemy. Moaning succulents and cactus’ tears didn’t stop me. Falling limbs from soft giant weeping cucumber,warriors thuded my heart a flutter. I still did it, in spite of the sinking feeling. The exhilaration one was intoxication. A great feeling – cutting down the enemy. But I felt sad, too. Sometimes I said sorry under my breath as the lovely star-shaped  slices thumped and splatter on the ground. That hurt my heart. But I couldn’t stop.

Organ Pipe cactus in Arizona
Organ Pipe cactus in Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like I couldn’t stop playing violent video games. Like I can’t stop blaming other people and making them wrong, and into monsters in my mind when I judge.

Nope, the games and the t.v. didn’t make me violent.

Fighting for peace, and for liberty did. The epic war stories. The Bible heroes. But I had to enjoy them first.  Nope, I was born a howling kid. Violence is my birthright.

Thank God for violent video games!

I need to kill something.


“— an effort to pin complex social or psychological issues on an enemy that can’t fight back.”

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

by Michael Pick on April 22, 2013

12 thoughts on “I Need to Kill Something! -Mind the Gap

  1. We blame ourselves for what we choose to do, then we blame others for making us choose, then we blames ourselves for blaming others, then we blame ourselves for blaming others, then we blame……. (iterate until redundancy). Sometimes a death – any death – will break the circle, but I think this only works, & only for a short while, if you get resurrected. Bummer.


      1. like you, My journey is also reflection of my thoughts. I’m enjoying the game.
        i feel, its an divine order in nature, and everything is as per that order only. i am trying to swim effortlessly in that order.


  2. i never played a video game
    there is plenty of violence as is
    and it is all too real
    wether brought about by religion
    or power or lust for riches
    or just plain stupidity
    lets have a crusade !


  3. I used to take things a throw them. As a kid, my bike. I’d bounce it on the ground and pretend I was killing it. It was my own. Not someone else’s. I would bend the frame and the tires. Then I’d look at it and feel powerful. Then sick. I destroyed something I cared about. Id feel despair that I was the way I was.
    I havent changed too terribly much except I try to be less disruptive to others and do less damage. But if the world was fair, would I be losing it? I dont understand how people cannot understand WHY people go apeshi* and tear up stuff. Half the religions out there have a history of animal sacrifice. Are we so clean we are above sacrifice?


    1. You, Milwaukee storyteller, kill me. Oh wait that is violence! Forgot about animal sacrifice. We are some species. And its so easy to miss the obvious. Like we eat animals….and each other…in ways… Maybe cuz every great story is violent.

      It is part of our humanity. The story is what we do with it. Not to pretend we never were or are, I guess. Film editors jokes my sister and I were in stitches over tonight: You want us to make the video more than ten minutes long? Add a car chase.

      Over twelve minutes? Add a gunfight.

      Over 15 minutes? Add nudity.

      What keeps our attention are our basic desires needs. Hard to outsmart or ignore these. Our attention is magnetized…not sure it’s not pretty good till it turns upsidown and not always sure what twists things either… Just know it’s not what I think it is. ; )


  4. You need to prank people. Think of the elements of killing… you take, crush, you use intelligence, you stand over the slain…
    prank, do shocking creative stuff, if you walk up to a cop and say, “Hey, could you look up my record? Im not sure Im violating parole” or… whatever you CAN do. There was a public official out here, a real di*k, and I put a massive amount of vaseline on his truck’s hitch. It just sat there for him to find. The symbolism, idk, but he had it coming. Find people who have it comin and lube their steering wheels. That is REALLY hard to clean up. Thats what my victim said.

    Wayward, you need to make an inert victim. Sacrifice their innocence. Shock and awe


    1. Total fun!
      Looked at the religious blogs on Freshly pressed….they don’t add up. I was bored out of my mind! Never going back.
      This is lots more fun!
      YOU I notice are good at it.
      *evil laugh*
      Guess I could get on with my trade make and copy write of “God” project.
      Let there be fun!

      To all a good night!


  5. I need to kill something too, that’s why I watch Django Unchained. After seeing that movie I was able to sit down and rest…
    It didn’t make me violent, it made me more peaceful.


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