The Missing- We Miss Out

Missing people strangers

Out of art’s mind

Mis-fitted driven mad

Beauty un-enjoyed
Curated eyes

Delighted edge

Seeing un-made art

Deprive a brocken world again

Already locked apart

Of crazy

Is insane

5 thoughts on “The Missing- We Miss Out

  1. Yes we do miss out when there is~
    Grain beauty
    Blur world
    Black delight
    White broken

    Your missing people are strangers locked apart. You’ve curated eloquent thoughts for one’s mind’s eye 🙂


  2. This bothered me all night & it wasn’t unit I re-read it just that I realised why. “Beauty un-enjoyed,” – it’s an acausality. Now I shall worry about it all over again because it makes sense.

    One of us is mad.


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