Story Existing

Existing Between Story Lines

You make me

I live in

The books I read

A cyber story space

Nowhere in story

To meet you there my friends

We all exist between the lines

Of the words that we create

A living spirit jumps

Peacefully off this page

I keep it

It keeps me

Waywardspirit Art Existing StoryCompany


9 thoughts on “Story Existing

    1. You know things….
      …Aware and watching myself do what I do and feel what I feel, since I’m the only one I may observe this way from the inside and without judgement.
      I’m crazy, reacting constantly to feelings and events and constraints that no longer exist!
      Yet, here I watch myself love people I cyberly know, observing how this love and listening change me, how my vision is moved, my heart is turned my ideas fed.
      ((((((((((((((( YOU ))))))))))))))))


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