Most Prized Possession-My Own Attention


My Attention

Riot of peace

Currency to pay

My best companion

Fountain of joy

The Observer

Gone away


Wafted off like smell

Forgotten-what are you?

Wooed away



Wrapped up by emotions

Squeezed out my mind


Daily Post

Daily Prompt:

Most Prized Possession:

National Poetry Writing Month


11 thoughts on “Most Prized Possession-My Own Attention

    1. Smell and taste roses and food

      Taste silence

      A daily practice.

      Watching yourself like you watch a loved one, smiling.

      Noticing how you are feeling now.
      Feel your deepest sweetest compassion for yourself.

      Save and invest some of what little of this currency you have. It grows, you get richer. : )


      1. As always, thank you for your insights. I like how you’ve redefined wealth – perhaps that’s one of the keys to ensuring that our artists no longer starve.


  1. you are all of the above that you have written –
    you have built the walls that you must overcome
    flavored by the desires that burn in your breast
    the taste of your own freedom
    roses have their own thorns


  2. I’ve found it! You left it here when you visited last; it’s got a bit dusty – found it behind the settee, don’t know how it got there. I’ll send it back to you … oh, where did I put it …?


      1. I think the world teaches most survivors about this door. The world is both a wonderful and monstrous place. Making any sense of both often requires a place of quiet where one can first clear the mind and finally think.


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