10 thoughts on “Poem

    1. You are on it I think.
      I was feeling the way I feel other’s creative works.
      Now that you pointed it out, it goes both ways.
      Yeah, it’s rather like cash or touch, another kind of currency, attention as that attention is rewarded.
      Invaluable insight. You add to the intensity of experience and understanding, both big pleasure.
      Love your gravitar too. : )


  1. To touch the heart midbeat; to reach into the chest cavity and squeeze
    To take time
    Pin them down and swallow them whole
    Digest the beauty of them
    And become changed
    To know what worlds exist in this brain
    This wayward way it lulls and waves
    Like a moonbeam
    And the afternoon now has a reason
    To be


  2. the first response which came was wow.its awesome. beautifully described, its felt that much and most important part of it happen through silence. amazing, loved it.


  3. and it all starts with a sunrise – and a touch of love – it goes beyond just a passion – a desire- a hunger- it is life
    a newness – no expectations
    and that look in your eyes


    1. I’m wondering it what you describe here isn’t the creation of soul. So no matter what it is experienced with be it human animal or technology etc soul dynamic is brought to life and toys become real. : )


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