Do I have to leave sweet the comfort of kinder-ignorance?

Wanna fight?



Step one:
Misery loves company.
For community exposure, familiarity and support.

Wishing I could just reblog everything else I don’t want to confront.

Step two:
Close eyes and forget about this.

Remember this is how you felt about SEO, trapped- handles out of reach. Now SEO had become a fabulous fun rewarding puzzle. No relation to this though.

Crediting photos: paperwork, work, hard, confusing, law-needs a lawyer… It will never be fun like SEO is!…
Crediting Fotos, you suck!

…Might want my work credited though..

That would be awesome!
your thoughts here… (optional)

The Daily Post

Miss Manners will be the first to tell you that when someone gives you a gift, the proper response is a warm, enthusiastic, “thank you!” in writing. Did you know that when you accept the “gift” of a Creative Commons-licensed work such as a photo or illustration for use in your web projects, Miss Manners would endorse that same, warm, enthusiastic “thank you!” in the form of proper sourcing and attribution? Being a good citizen on the web means demonstrating proper behavior, at all events. Today, we’re going to share the wonder that is Creative Commons and your responsibilities for sourcing and attributing any material you may download there.

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7 thoughts on “

  1. sorry – i hope i have outfought misery
    and you should receive credit for your creative minds work – it is what brings the humor to the surface and brightens the day


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