Bone of Contention-Who Leads Us?

It’s super cool to stomp away from stupid people who are too pea-brained to see the truth. Then show up among people of inconsequence where we are gonna get it right. Just watch us!

It’s awesome and miraculous to flee the slavery of Egypt into the Promised Land, then show them we can do better as we wipe out all the people of no consequence occupying the lands we have promissory notes to. We are gonna get it right.

You know, flee religious persecution in the Old World and come to the New World where there are no people of consequence, and show them back home we can get it right. Just like this. 

Flee German slaughter into ancestral land strewn with people of no consequence, and no promise, and show them Germans that we don’t treat people like that. We can get it right, just like this.

We flee United States persecution into the wilderness of Utah among an uncivilized people we bring consequence to, where us truth-bearing Mormons are gonna get it right. Just watch us.

We escape the persecution of the gone astray Mormon church into the Promised Land of Mexico among a lost and fallen people, were we are gonna get it right. We are getting these bloody drug wars right. Just watch us!

Flee the zombie hordes of corporate America, of this corrupt government, into survival mode, and watch the thing go up in smoke. We have miraculously escaped. We are gonna get it right this time. Watch us.

I hate my fail parents. I’m gonna get the hell out of here and get it right! Seriously, just watch!

It’s the Pharaohs’ fault.

It’s the kings’ fault.

It’s President Van Buren’s fault.

It’s the new president of the Mormon churches’ fault.

It’s Hitler’s fault. It’s Hitler’s fault, again.

It’s corporate greed and the system’s fault.

It’s _________’s fault!

It’s all my idiot parent’s and family’s stupid fault.

While here in my tiny all-encompassing  world, it is ALL evil monster Ervil LeBaron’s fault. The bastard!

But, I’m gonna get it right this time. Just you watch me!

This is how I really feel:  


Response to WrodPress

The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Bone of Contention


11 thoughts on “Bone of Contention-Who Leads Us?

  1. Thanks for nailing it again, sis!

    I still love your words: “This conversation is not over until the fat lady sings and she hasn’t even started taking voice lessons”.

    I’m here. On your fighting side.


  2. it’s my fault – but I’m gonna get it right this time ! – i’m gonna do it AGAIN – you just watch !
    even without a voice – i can still sing BETTER than Elvis !


    1. You ARE incredible Will!
      This is why I thrive on your blog!
      Now you bring your magic here, to me.
      Perspective voice, angle
      Your pictures and poems and twists of wit keep me surprised smiling and wondering. The whole point of living and writing!


  3. wtf. wow.

    But seriously — how could you POSSIBLY not know in your heart that one single solitary man is 100% responsible for 100% the pain and suffering caused by the actions and choices of other people?

    get your shit straight.


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