11 thoughts on “If Thine Eye Offend Thee Pluck It Out- Test Results-Aaron Swarts

  1. this is not an easy issue to think upon what of the ones who are a danger ? to others or the children or a serial killer what of the wrongly accused the innocent but yes it does dismember all


    1. I appreciate your insightful comment William!

      Yes, I agree children are to be protected and taught and perhaps inoculated.
      This blanket solution makes us a s a species look stupid. Oh and children are not being protected etc.
      Nothing is being solved. This system lets us imagine that at lest something is being done. But crimes agains children are not down, and prison population gets gold metal in our country.
      I love my country and feel grateful for everyone doing their best to protect children this way. I notice also, it’s not working.


    1. Yep. There is a society in prison, more in different kinds and degrees of prison and keeping society too. These are amazing times! The quest to peacefully free ourselves and all from prison. The joy!


      1. i agree, there is prison everywhere sometimes in thoughts, sometimes society, marriages, etc, etc.
        moment you become aware of this, you first step to freedom starts. 😉


        1. A gentle way you have of seeing. I like the world and possibility through your eyes.
          Whenever you speak here, you make everything shine, like a window is opened. I love the bright.
          (((((((((((( Nirmal ))))))))))


          1. Thankssssssssssssssssss. the brightness is because of you my dear. i am just a mirror, which only reflects.and because of reflection, the luminosity from you is doubled. 😉
            thanks a lot.


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