Fed Up To The Ears With The Powers That Were

Fist, you are a horrible human being-a monster.

Everyone thinks so. Everyone who doesn’t know you.

When we the people get our hands on you it will hurt. We will make you a scandal, an outcast.  We will humiliate you with accusations, gossip, tabloids, trial, jail, hopefully death. We laugh. There is no way out of it for you. We are right and we know it.

So, betray your families. Let us make your kids the children of monsters. We will make them orphans.  You did it to us. We are justified. We want to turn your loves, your wives, into prison widows. We want to cause you pain. We want to watch. We are right.

Why don’t you see justice?

Why are you fighting back?

We are right!


10 thoughts on “Fed Up To The Ears With The Powers That Were

        1. Why
          My heart in my throat
          Were words used to be
          Dance out of mind to
          The Touch of that music

          Marching- overrated
          We dance to our own beat

          “Powers” may dance alone
          To their own

          And join in the potluck
          modern dance feast


  1. Yes indeed. 6 million people were once on the wrong end of those who were so right.
    Two choices – be better or find someone worse to point at. How often our finger extends…


    1. Two wrongs make a right.

      What? Two wrongs don’t make a right?

      We are great pointers though.
      If I point it used to help.
      If good old pointing no longer works, what the heck does?
      What do we do then?
      Just stand here?
      Let bad things keep happening?
      Let “bad people go unpunished?”
      Look at myself?

      Look at you?
      Your garb is so three centuries ago!
      *Points finger*


  2. That which creates the monster in itself admits to monstrousness
    By making another into a monster, do we not become monsters ourselves?
    Where then, do we turn for our justice? If we who outed those demons for who they truly were, if we found and dragged out the Big Bad Wolf and chopped off his head…..

    If we are the monsters, shall we point at each other now as well?

    Cyclical hate is, after all, the best kind. It stamps itself out, however long it takes and however much it destroys along the way.

    But that’s the cynic in me talking. I don’t even believe in pinning blame. Whose fault is it? What does that matter? CLEAN IT UP. Fix it. Make it better. Work with the people around you. If you screwed up somehow, work to correct your mistake in any way you can, in any way you are allowed. If you aren’t allowed to, find out why.

    So much hate could be avoided if we questioned things more, too. Why is it tradition to hate witches? Why are they always evil? Why are the monsters things under our beds? Why are we afraid of the dark? Why is it wrong to lie? Why?

    So many answers are short and curt, and the worst of them all is ‘because’. Nothing screams ‘excuse to hate’ like ‘because’. It doesn’t say anything by itself. It’s a nothing word. If you have no reason to do something other than ‘that is the way we have always done it’ then you have already lost. But then, I’m not really a fan of tradition, so my opinion is biased. Don’t take MY word for it. Ask me why.

    Framed well, waywardspirit. :3 That’s all I got for now.



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