16 thoughts on “Possible

        1. It has to be short. Its so easy to share. I wanted you to tweet something cuz I tweeted a poem of yours and credited it to Seb, but that doesn’t help anyone find it. If you tweet a short poem then I can re-tweet it to my followers and they can follow the link back to you.


    1. Your perception always blows me Away Allison. The only other devine transport of honesty in everyday life I relish as much as yours is all best selling, nah classic.
      Yes pregnant is the image that fits this feeling. In love and pregnant by my Reader’s love. I feel married.

      I love you Allison though we only meet in your stories.


      1. I have no idea what you meant in your reply! 🙂

        One correction:
        Yes, with all my heart *too* full to
        One perfect little “o” missing there, Wayward.

        Erm, you do not have to be married to be pregnant, or be pregnant to get married, or have to love being pregnant AND married.

        Oh, and if you have more than one reader (which you do), tell that apostrophe to shift its butt to after the S. Ta.


    1. Awh Summer
      You took me back to that day remembering meeting and conversations with each blogger I read and reader of Way acknowlageing how each of you change me. I am in awe and wonder of what unseen gifts have and will transform me. Becouse of you, so much! So rich! This is good like Life.
      You are good. All.
      So am I.


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