Dumb Ways to Die

A Viral Video

Dumb Reason to Die

A Viral System

Die for




– Dying for People

People matter so

The sacrifice matters

Makes a hero

Die for dust in the light

Die for no one’s stuffed toy

Die for nothing

Die for sins

Dumb Reasons to die

Three die


2 thoughts on “X

  1. In all my studies of theology( BA, MA) I never bought in to the doctrine that Jesus died for our sins and His blood pays the price for it. I do think His teachings and example are the path to salvation. All that aside, I think one lessons of the Crucifixion is that God knows and has experienced human suffering which gives some answers to the faith destroying problem of unmerited suffering.


  2. Switch your rhetoric from poetry to narrative essay and the you may find an answer to live by, or not. I like questions that have no immediate answers, that lodge in our souls and take up residency and surface years later. Good to ask such things.


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