8 thoughts on “The Artist Manifesto

  1. Fantastic! Im going to post this! Thanks WaywardSpirit. I am very keen on what we have exchanged and your obvious quest for a truth that is fundamentally interesting and compassionate!!


    1. Keen yes keen is me too
      Still remember some conversations that left me breathless all day.
      Fundamentally interesting and compassionate is so an amazing thing to say!
      You continue to be awesome.
      Loved that manifesto as soon as I saw it. : )

      Ran into a comment of yours on Sergio.
      It was pleasant to see you there.
      : )


      1. May you be blessed. I also recommend you to my friend Michael Collie who has walked a very strange and real walk with me for almost a very wondrous year. I suggested you might be a good person for him to communicate with. Your affirmation makes me feel its all very worthwhile…Now a number of people have started to, so called, follow. What do I do???


        1. John

          Hey I followed you way back That didn’t make you wonder …did it?
          I know a good thing when I see it.
          They evidently do too.
          Just be you as usual.
          When I like something about someone, I follow them back. It is nice to find them in in my reader. It’s easy to keep conversations going that way, too. And when they post something else amazing I won’t miss it. : )
          And yeah having followers takes getting used to.
          I rather enjoyed my first random month blogging every day with no hit or follower. Miss that.
          Love this.
          Like you, I answer everyone-I hope…
          Great to talk again.

          Wayward Spirit


          1. I really do thank you for your wayward spirit. Do you realize how actually central this choice of name is to the big H.S! youll no doubt remember about the Ruach! The hot wind that blows from the South and goeth whehither it pleases!! Etc. I like this. Wander on Fair Spirit. We may pass in the day or the night but we know the serennity of truth! Bless You! Go wisely into this good night. ( In case you’ve never read dylan Thomas this is a corruption of my third most favourite of his poems! j


            1. Yep John
              The big H S for sure.
              I’m a fan. : )
              I’m guessing we all are weather we name it or not. Inspiration…the special photo challenge for this week. birth of art. Art is salvation-that Christ thingy within…whatever this mystery is I’m guessing these two Thingys work closely together to create wonderful happy people. : )

              ..”wherever it pleases”…Indeeeed!
              “Serenity of truth” wee is the love button? : ) …

              And, and the fated calf
              Reserved for prodigals and wayward sons and daughters….


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