8 thoughts on “Your SuperPower

    1. Ha ha
      It’s hardest sometimes to recognize your own power. You think its just simple normal stuff because it is to you.
      It’s always something that makes you come alive. It’s something needed. Sometimes there is not a name for it. You have to name it in yourself. Own it and develop it by using it and acknowledging it.
      To start. : )


  1. Even when you think you found it, it’s still worth asking WHAT IF…it’s the loss of the what if that makes us comfortable with the ‘is’ and the not knowing ‘how’ stops us from the ‘what if’ once we learn to let go and just ‘be’; THEN I believe we find our true super power! Great post.


  2. This is a very affecting poem. The words are clear, down-to-earth, but the questions asked are expansive. Here, the vagueness is a powerful asset, since it allows for multiple overlapping understandings of the meaning; but be careful about vagueness… it can tip over into ‘vapid’ pretty easily.


    1. Great critique,Gabriel, I keep coming back to it.
      I think I tried to answer your post on my phone and it wouldn’t work.
      I’m at a loss of words to answer your kind insightful meaning adding words.


  3. It’s no longer: (Give it time and a little encouragement)

    “What if?” (yes – that would be lovely)

    Now it’s: (I know, magnificent isn’t it)

    “What is it?” (More than you can imagine)

    That, and: (only if you say you will)

    “When did you discover it?” (as a teenager, and I’ve never left it alone since)

    “How?” (in every way I could)

    “How have you developed it so far?” (same way each time, but I never get bored)

    “How does it make you feel?” (oooohhhh…. mmmm)


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