11 thoughts on “I’m Fed Up To The Ears ~ George McGovern

  1. Bang. Well, this just get’s respect. I too am fed-up with pampered ruling classes staying rich by tearing chunks from the poor, fighting wars for ephemeral ideologies and dictating laws for people they have no compassion for.


    1. Wild Bear
      I finally got back to my blog to see what Hurricane Panda ravished besides me.

      I feel the sorriest for the old men. They get no one to blame or pass the buck to.
      Like in the long and heartbreaking movie The Shepherd it’s a bottomless pit of being a monster to yourself if you wake up and everyone sees the monster.
      There is nothing worse.
      What compassion or room do we actually give them to do different?
      We will prosecute them for war crimes which were legal, given the opportunity.
      Then what happens to their families?
      It’s no fun to be a child of a monster, either.
      Unless it’s a Panda Monster of-course. : )


      1. All I know is that punishment is always too late – for the crime is done – and as you say, those we punish have loved ones who are made to suffer also.
        But we seem to still need someone to blame and hate, an outlet for our anger. Short of a simultaneous global ascent to enlightenment I don’t know that we will grow out of this before one war too many makes it, again, too late.
        Rather grim. I will check out the film, as I haven’t seen it. Life is Beautiful is one of the most touching films I’ve ever seen about the reality of war – focussed on just one father and his son.
        Thankfully I’m a Panda – we are nice to each other.


        1. Bear

          Life Is Beautiful
          One of my top
          What it must mean to you!

          That triamph is told
          A few generations removed
          In you

          What does it take to make
          A great story?

          Of that Bitter cup
          Why didn’t He
          And say He did?

          What of you and me

          “What of that?”

          “What does that mean?



  2. I truly believe that we as a people may never truly appreciate the greatest we lost in the person of George McGovern. Nor will we ever know what opportunity slipped through our fingers when he lost his bids for Presidency in ’68 and ’72. The fact that he spent his post Presidency bidding years feeding the hungry with surplus food makes him in my eyes a hero of humanity.

    Thank you for posting these sincerely spoken words from a true humanitarian: George McGovern


    1. Ahumanistperspective
      What a cool name
      Glad I’m able to replay to you.
      Thank you!
      My own ignorance always astounds me.
      Saw the truth, not the man.
      Now I know who he is.
      The world is suddenly better, for the knowing
      Feeding the hungry.
      I was born just after that second bid
      Likely he fed me
      Interesting, interesting.
      Oh and there is no connection to your blog if you have one from Gravatar. I’m not able to tour your cyber country if it exists.
      Not everyone wants a blog. Just in case you do want traffic and you didn’t know that a click on your Gravitar won’t take us there as expected.
      You, are interesting. I like your perspective.
      Thanks for this!
      I’ll have to look McGovern up.
      Don in Massachusetts posts him often. Lucky I follow Don.
      Oh, and you Humanisperspectivet would probably like rulesofstupid, I’m lucky to subscribe to him too.


  3. I voted for him and saw him speak at a rally in 1972 at University of Miami. Unfortunately much of the crowd was busy rolling joints instead of listening and were probably too stoned to vote anyway.


    1. Carl D’Agostino

      It pleases me to imagine this history. The world I arrived into before it became this.
      guess that’s how we got here.
      Not sure I know what to think about us yet. ; )

      That is one way of looking at it
      The rolling
      The joints
      The not bothering to vote…

      I appreciate you!



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