Death In Texas

No pretty picture

No poem.

No story to post.

I murder, is all she wrote


My public servants help me.

My Great State of Texas murders human beings in my name.

I am a Texan. Texas is my government. I love and support Texas. So I kill my fellow Texans, the ones no one ever wanted, every time Texas does-which is often. We kill people all the time around these parts.

The ones who by terrible acts of violence have cried out the loudest for help, we kill, instead of help. We give them more hell then a death penalty.

My new writing challenge:

Write to the Governor, Parole and Pardon Board, Senators and Reps every week.

Wrote, and mailed the first letters today.

…Reminding my State to keep up with the times. We aren’t in the Old Testament anymore. To say nothing has been to agree. I have murdered God’s most needy children. I stop it here.

Maybe I’ll post the letters, maybe I won’t.

11 thoughts on “Death In Texas

  1. Hmmm. I’m ordinarily a person who disagrees with Capital Punishment – I don’t see it serves any practical purpose, plus I consider it unconstitutional under the 8th and 14th amendments. Texas, Virginia, Georgia and, increasingly, California, maladminister the death penalty horrendously.

    That said, most crimes which attract the death penalty are not cries for help. they are evil, irredeemably wicked deeds which warrant ferocious punishment. 40 years in Huntsville evil.


    1. The world is a wicked place my friend… Not sure who to advocate for in this case, but what I know I won’t stand for is Jungle justice, which happens to be the order of the day where I come from 😐


    2. I’m wondering about the whole premise one way or the other.
      Most of my perceptions of evil have been wrong.
      I don’t know what is right as so, I just know, I have no clue.
      I doubt evil.
      Stories of evil are just stories.
      Likely the protagonist comes from a whole different frame of reference.
      Obvious general example war:

      In that game, the more of the enemy you kill the better and it’s not wrong. If you see people as zombies, or evil, take them out before they do harm, more harm…
      If they are Jews, or the “other tribe”, or criminals, it’s whatever the flavor is of the day, you are supposed to kill them. Then this makes you evil too. Cuz usually, the perpetrator sees things in a different frame of reference.
      It seems to me since I started thinking, that the violated innocence so horrific to anyone who sees innocence, cannot be seen by someone who has never experienced innocence. No frame of reference.
      Yeah, we need to protect our children from someone who doesn’t see them as innocent, yet it’s our choice weather we see evil or not, and act evilly in turn. Likely we are denying the innocence of these guys that have no clue how dangerous they are to children. We are robbing them of their childlike innocence by calling them monsters rather than really seeing doing whatever it is that they need. Needless to say, I speak in ignorance and have no understanding of what that may be. Only that by denying their humanity, we deny our own. Some genius needs to figure this out and implement it to save and our children and the grown up children. I’m summoning a super hero. : D


        1. Hey Seb,
          This sucks. Now I have to do research to find out what you mean by Merle Haggard agreeing with me. Serves me right for pontificating on a poets time.
          You are cool and smart so I must find out.


  2. If you feel passion, you should do something, but man, there are some monsters out there. The question for us to decide collectively, is weird, but if they approached my family, I would slay them myself. I guess I’m not all that cool. But truth be told, “our struggle is not against flesh and blood.”


    1. Oh, you are sooo cool.

      Though I don’t know the balance.
      Except that what is painted as criminal is usually someones misguided uninformed skewed overworked all out of perspective compassionate, hurried, paid opinion.
      Imagine how a politician, pick your favorite slime one, portrays himself.
      All good. None true.
      It’s the reverse for prisoners.
      All bad. None true.
      As there may be a few good politicians, there may be a few bad criminals.
      The system is a comedy, I think.
      Hilarius. All we need to do-actually tell it, write it like the absurd joke that it is. : )
      I like your comments.
      Yep, not against flesh and blood. It’s not people that are bad, I don’t think. We all want the same thing, pretty much.
      Don’t you just wonder?


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