Emotional Fitness

Fridays are usually  a post reminding you to Take A Break and find me-time, family-time, friend-time and quiet-time. This post adds a challenge.

Be Grateful is one of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.  We challenge you as you take your break time  to say thank you to all that happens.  Aim at least to say it 100 times, during your break time, more is better.

AND yes, say  thank you to pain, stress, the rudeness of strangers, as well as the thoughtlessness of family and friends.

Mark Twain said, “Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

Being grateful and putting it into words is the right thing, it will warm most people while astonishing the rude and thoughtless.


Tip one:  Saying thank you to most people comes easily. The trick is to say it without rancor to those who…

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  1. My naturopath reminds me of this Buscaglia quote every time I visit him. Not literally, but in his words and actions; he makes me calm and happy (a challenging thing to do!) just by being who he is. He resets my attitude every week! 🙂


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