Quotation: Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) on Art’s Mission as thought promoter


Nobody, I think, ought to read poetry, or look at pictures or statues, who cannot find a great deal more in them than the poet or artist has actually expressed. Their highest merit is suggestiveness.

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) Discuss

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17 thoughts on “Quotation: Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) on Art’s Mission as thought promoter

        1. Ditto. Enjoyed your cite. Profile reads like a fairy tail.
          Now that I subscribed, I’ll can lea-surly enjoy one post at a time in my reader. Looking forward.
          Philosophy, delicious word…. first time used in a comment here.
          Must mean I’m new. You have been at it a while. : )


          1. Yes I have tied to work out the philosophy thing for around the last forty five years I recxkon . However I only started the blogo-twetter-facebosphere activity in January. I love it! I like you describe my profile like a fairy tail – Its pretty uncomfortable at the tail end of fairy land so Ive slowly upgraded into the Christosphere! Hard work there too but very rewarding. Increasing rather than diminishing returns. Good to talk. Never under-rate your ability to be a person of philosophical discernment! Blessings, again blessings! Macdonald


            1. Okay, I admit, I carried my phone around with the novel WordPress on open, to keep looking at this comment. I thought I was trying to show my sister throughout the whole time we wee grocery shopping, then cooking supper.There was never a perfect time when she would be halve as excited as I am. So, it was just me who kept reading it over and over, smiling.
              What do I respond to this. And I couldn’t think of anything. So, technically, I’m not responding.
              ; ) And I didn’t just keep it open all day to keep reading it myself either.


              1. I am absolutely stunned. I love your answer. Are you really saying this is true…? You’ve said more in your description of saying “Nothing” than the 99 percent say in “something”. Over to you…


                1. I’m guessing, like C.S.Lewis, you have come through fairy tails, and wondering to the inevitable coherence of the Cristpsphere?
                  Finally, I just told my sister that someone on line, at least, enjoys the way my twisted thinking goes. It has a mind of it’s own yo know. Thing is, it it’s inevitable to me to end up honoring both the light and the dark. Most find that repulsive. C.S. Lewis wrote the Screwtape Letters. Amazing perspective! I like to take his work a step further. What do yo like to do? As in were to you come form deepest in your musings? Or just one of the places that intrigues you most?


                  1. Yes I’ve also read and enjpoyed Screwtape Letters. It really depends what you mean by ‘the dark’. I love being outside at night in wild places with wind blowing – for instance. I also agree with Jung wholeheartedly in relation to the shadow we all all carry. If we dont ‘get it’ it gets us. I always remember a sweet looking nun who used to visit the old peoples home I worked in. I could almost see her lurid ‘tail’ Robert Bly talks about ‘eating your shadow’ ie Recognising, honouring, admitting to and therefore no longer being controled by it. However I also believe that evil exists, runs counter to Love and is the force behind the brutality of so much human existence. Far fron hhonouring the evil Iand very willing to wage war agains it. Nowadays apathy and false science, intellectualism have a lot to do with this.


                    1. I guess now I cal everything into question that is fought or fought for… In some ways. Yeah, apathy. It seems to come when everything you tried didn’t work. When its time to find another way. I’m just figuring there is another way. Maybe everyone has a piece to the puzzle, including “other”. Naming evil gives it a face and power. just something I’m working on. There is this light, that zaps it so quick it hardly exits, so its not even fight-able. I think it’s more about this light. compassion and love, forgiveness, God, light, Jesus, Allah, whatever are all euphemisms for the real experience. Like describing outside the cave, to us cave dwellers. Cuz when it happens, there is no evil. there is nothing but a child of Whatever this is, or a part of it. For me it starts with people matter.Trying to see that. Every person, no matter what, not a mistake. Made perfect. Period. Or, Life makes mistakes, and is therefor not all powerful, omnipotent, all things, creating after It’s own image. If it’s not after A perfect image, it does not exist. Nothing to fight. Seeing is the best thing in life. I beg for glimpses. : ) Hugs!


                    2. Thinking about this before I write allot-again.
                      Thinking about: What we fight we give power to.
                      Wondering. Since I prefer not to power up the darkness.
                      Rather flip the light switch- on.
                      Sword to fight darkness?
                      Light switch to fight darkness?
                      or light a candle, or a spark?
                      I like to sleep in dark.
                      I like night.
                      I like shadow.
                      Not so much the dark untruth.
                      Not so much to blame everything on dark, even on Lucy, and Tan.
                      Still thinking….

                      enjoy your evening. Will answer after a while.

                      ((((( John ))))))


                    3. Only give what you fight power if you allow it to win!

                      My next posting just coming is the intercession I am givinmg today. It sums up in simplicity what the people in the churches have to do if they are to turn the curent show on its head and enable it to actually function as it can>>! When you see this Big Prayer thinggy – tell me what you think..I seek the assessment of the Wayward Spirit! I seek to know what has most meaning to the Wayward Spirit!


                    4. Oh, that wold be a wonder happening!
                      Any way that works!
                      With long term good effects…

                      I’m a “Way” ; )

                      did you know that a rocket to the moon only flies in the right direction about two freaken percent of the time. The rest of the time it’s self correcting.

                      My record is rather roccketish. So, I found great comfort in this metaphor.
                      Self-correct. Self-correct. I missed the mark. try again.
                      You would prolly know better than I about origins of words, yet, the word sin seems to be translates from an original archery word, that means missed the mark. I like the no-guilt, zero condemnation, idea of just going for it again.
                      Easier said than done. Lol
                      Looking forward to your post.

                      It’s rather nice to be back down to just two words. ; )


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