World in My Pocket

Manic depression is an unrecognized healing gift.

She just said it. Dr. Renee Hilmer, my body talking chiropractor lightly tossed into our few minutes of chatting while she adjusted my feet to end at the same length. She was telling me how my body was compensating for an injury I didn’t know I had by bending itself out of shape, to keep my head on straight.

yeah, your body talks to me. She didn’t mean it that way. She meant that in her body she felt what my body was up to, so she know where to focus and how to talk my body into healing. Or something like that. That wasn’t exactly what she said. I couldn’t focus.

Healing gift. Manic. Crazy. Depression. Healing gift?

My spidy-sense sparkled, then, instantly fizzed with a bucked of ice water with ice cubes, so sparkles wouldn’t catch anything on manic fire.

Manic depression, it scares me.

Admitting that I think I may just posibly have a healing gift, is invisible, pink with a trunk and big ears, but it’s more likely manic depression. Don’t manics always think they are special?

And who am I to be special anyway?

That’s why superheros wear masks, I think. We are socialized to not recognize, or expect the truth about those who recognize big service magic in themselves. And if they do, it’s often, used to play up, ridiculed, or out of control.

Discovering and properly coaching, using a super power is as much a life long vocation, task and, a learning curve as honing any innate innate recognized skill. It’s just genius in a niche. It may take time, and maturity to practice and apply. Or may be sudden strokes. It could be hunches, intuition in anything about anything, on any subject. Sometimes we have to work at it and get it wrong. Like making a basket. Mistakes will be made. There will be gains, and losses. Yet, there is a day worth saving.

One of the reasons super hero’s don’t discover their powers is well believing in the imposable, and the unproven, the unsubstantiated is so hard. I have really big reasons why not to be super. Everyone does.

Like what others will think or believe, or not believe.

No matter what special incredible gift a I have, it seems pretty normal to me. And so it is with most everyone gifted in spiritual, or unscientific or mystical or any gift not measured by a test and, that already has a top school or program ready to snap you up and connect you to the machine, math music sports buisness.

Once a person does something big, and measurable with the gift, and gets great renown, then we believe it is a gift and start looking for it.

Who is the next Steve Jobs?

No one was looking for anyone to do what he did before he did it?

So, wonder.


By my wondering, the unimaginable gifts that would turn our world into an even more wonderful place are all locked up. Inside me. Inside you. In our insane asylums, in our prisons.

Rather than suffer year after year of drought in our land, why not wonder what a rain dancer could do for us and nature and the environment? And where is this person. Hey, rain maker. Hurry and get a hunch. Get this message in the field. Get an inspiration, a request, a desire, a dream, a thought, a feeling, or god speaking to you. Whatever works for you, whoever you are, we need help. Much appreciated. Thanks

Wonder, where is the hero, super or otherwise, born just to save the world from __________ ?

I wonder what people or group are making my life sweeter, and in which ways! Hey guys, wherever you are. Can’t wait to find out!

And just wait till you feel the terrific improvements I got coming your way.

I wonder what happened to the hero who’s life purpose was to make sure income tax laws where never passed.

You know all those apocalyptic scenes?

Anything in our world that sucks is post apocalyptic. The world were that particular thing existed to make it wonderfu, or didn’t exists to make it wonderful, well, Some Ida Tarbell gave up. Every service in our world would already be a monopoly if she had given up, and no anti trust laws had been passed.

What worlds are you helping to create, or destroying by not believing?

The chosen one? There is a chosen one for every tiny unimaginable detail wonder that could exist.

You are a chosen one.

Everywhere you look a chosen one.

So, when I have a problem with the way things are, like mosquitoes, I wonder. Whose passion, and adventure is it to recreate this world mosquitoeless?

Whoever you are out there, crazy person, I believe in you, and hurry up.

When my crazy ideas or spidy-scence tingle, a call to unimaginable service, now I allow it to call my spirit forth to serve. But, I keep it to my inner circle, and hold the world in my pocket, till my job is done for that day.

Trust me, you have been in my pocket.



I keep my super hero work quiet, and, private. I even secrets from myself, sometimes.

What do you think?

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