Inner Space Treasure

there is a place.

a place of myth and legend.

one way there?

imagine a multi player virtual reality game. woe is you if you have never played.

a brand new character just born into the game for the first time, can’t do much. it’s handicapped no matter how great a player is playing it. to be able to reach its potential, a character has to do stuff.  you set goals, together you and your character completes tasks, consistently do repetitive jobs, go on quests. developing the character makes it easier for it to be moved by you the player-spirit. It responds to your commands. It makes good “choices”, your choices.

You are spirit directing your player. Fresh players can’t do much. experienced characters rock the game world. they are delightful fun! Its allot of working play to get there.

you are the life of your character. spirit is life. the more the two have gamed together meeting growth requirements, the more the weak pixel flesh obeys the spirit. the place were you are one with your character, lost in pownage is the seat of the soul. soul grows. the story you create together, and experience of you, and your character is living a life. as a gamer, you grow. vicariously experiencing the triumphs, and defeats of your character, and becoming a better player, improving motor skills, researching how to do what needs to be done, forging relationships that affect your character, and their character, and their experience affect you. this is soul. it’s the soul growing.

as people, when we feel weak and are afraid, we may make choices that take away part of what joy can be gained from living fully. choose to not engage, not go on any more risky adventure or give up time, hope, or trade the priceless experience for safety. blocking access to previously enjoyed places or skills damns. like a river, flow stops. this fear is a devil. you just sold your soul to it.

this, is our treasure in heaven. we work for it here, by living, by engaging, by playing, by choosing to not give it up.

Inner space, the ground the plant of soul grows down in. spirit, air light, and space to grow up, and a sun to grow up to.

What do you think?

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