A cool gamer, a toon avatar with spiky yellow heir and a baseball cap looking ready to play and win liked my Way yesterday. He is the first like ever for this blog. Well, it isn’t finished and hasn’t really been tagged or public, nor have I mentioned it to anyone. Then, I tagged my pit “gamer”. So, Young Mr. “What’s Your Tag”, came along and liked my little gaming writing avatar.

Yep, you guessed I follows my gaming, writing, blonde little friend right back over to his website, witch by the way is funny as hell.

I love to game. “Play with us”, sais the invite. Bring your gaming tag. Thank god for google. What the hell is a gaming card? and, Why don’t I have one already. I’m a gamer. An accomplished gamer I might add. Where do I get this identification, verification permission to play, authority, prize. What’s Your Tag? is the name of the cite after all.

What am I missing? A brain? An invitation? A chance? Friends? Proof? Exsaltation?

I would have been out in the cold if this were religion. Shunned by these better than thou, only we can play if google didn’t exsist.

And yet, like a religion, not of my choice, I don’t game xbox, so I can’t get into their heaven. It’s heaven to them, and if I want in, there are all those hoops to jump through. And even if I choose to buy into the xbox, once I start, I’ll be a noob, with an undeveloped character. I think I’ll stick to my perfectly good religion, Runescape, where I am exsalted.

Where I get all the best benefits of the game if I pay the membership.

To each their game, sport or religion. If the holy spirit enlightens your heart and mind as it does for me playing my game, it’s a true religion.






What do you think?

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