63 thoughts on “Art of Wondering

  1. … ‘When Big Things Don’t Makes Sense’ which, of course, they never do BECAUSE they are so big; I think of them as a huge, mile-long, indifferent whale swimming past and barely, just barely, brushing me with its fin


    1. Had to breath through your nomination. : ) Took a couple of days.

      Might take me a minute to ACCEPT.

      You thought of me. : )

      Been at your site a little to learn about my nominator.
      You are interesting. : )


  2. Hey Waywardspirit,
    Well it’s award time again. By the authority invested in me, I hereby nominate you for the “Beautiful Blogger Award.” See the details on my blog post.


  3. and i thank you for following my blog – i have been tardy returning the favor but i am here now – and you give me a little boost to my inspiration for the need to express myself thank you Will


    1. Dearest Vincen

      You are right.
      I want to cry.
      When I read you, I want to cry laugh and shout and dance all at once, a great crazy feeling.
      So few words hold so much reality.



      1. Dear Waywardspirit, I’m more than glad to know my thoughts could be of encouragement to you — and that what was written in an obscure corner could be transformed into a light to someone separated by distance. That is just how God works.


  4. Wayward–Sorry to post this on your site but I wan’t sure you’d get notified pf my respone which I posted under comments after yours…obviously, I’m on the WordPress learning curve! Following is the reply I posted:
    “This is my third attempt to reply to you. I am away & using my iPhone. I’ve somehow managed to lose & apparently erase, my first two. There are no mistakes, rather I must have needed two “takes” to get it right.
    So, Your post personified my purpose in launching this site. Your raw memories woven with crisp internal recall made yours the quintessential post for my blog & I am honored to have your answer on my blog. What a hauntingly human process you echoed with this: “It hurts too damn bad to open your eyes…The pain is unimaginable. It seems easier to keep on believing and killing to prove that it was never wrong. To keep doing it because it is the right thing to do”.
    You transparency afforded you to tap into your larger storyline. Did you have any realizations (subtle or strong) or internal experiences while or after writing this??”


    1. MJ

      That transparency is scary as hell!
      But, I can’t be myself or live without it.
      That some people like you have some gift for holding a space to make this happen, not so much because it is comfortable for me at all. : (
      Only necessary.
      I appreciate your cite’s purpose, and your purpose.
      The whole world needs you. I need you. Like vincenzofranco said “Us highly sensitive people need each other. Indeed!


  5. Mining Meaning thru Creating New Worlds – such depth to four simple lines you have set down
    a novel of thought – an Empire of unwritten words –

    such elegant thoughts your mind makes me want to sample more of your fare – to drink of the warmth- wait – not yet these thoughts from a simple photographer


    1. Oh, so that is why your pictures are stunning!
      And I thought you were a poet!
      I better head back to your cite and see if you posted your secret poems….Those, I want to like again.


    1. I know right. Sydney, t’s a wonder how or that we can feel these things.
      All of Singapore that you put your attention on then reflect to me you give. they are mine as are you, claimed friends in my heart, somehow, and familiar like magic.


  6. Bob can’t help himself (well, he could but lets pretend for the sake of this comment he can’t) but he hears James T Kirk speaking at the end of the prose saying: “To boldly go where no man has gone before…” 😉


  7. My blog is under construction. I am in the midst of recovering from a rather deep depression. I am doing well, my inner spark is brightening day by day. I am hoping to start posting soon. Lately, I have been exploring many blogs, leaving comments all over. And I am also realizing that my blog will change & evolve. That having images to post & other visual aspects will come with time. I am hoping to enlist my brother for technical help. So, hopefully, quite soon my journey of blogging will begin. Peace, xx


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