Feast on dreams and verbs

 Round glows festivus

Burn your dreams for firewood

Plucked by minds to smell

A dream to bite and chew

Washed the etherial dirt off



Cut into  bite size chunks



The flesh of juicy dreams

 Invite your friends to eat

Harvest more from your fertile souls

Surrender bits

 For composting



Infected my a monster’s bite

Vampires suck your soul

Your psyche lost to a quiet lie

What’s a doctors roll?

Immunity to social virus

Invisible TB

Do generations pass it down

Or do we need vaccines?




Writing Into Dust Devils


“I feel ungrounded. No poems to read. No pictures to ruminate over.” One of my good reader friends complained on May 2 after NaPoWriMo was over. When I stopped posting.

Hay, NaPoWriMo is over. No more poems for you.

But then, his unease started sinking in and reflecting how I was feeling. I realized. I feel ungrounded too. No picture to create, no poem to wonder into being. My life is off.

Only half of why I write is enough to keep me writing for the rest of my life. To stop writing wondering painting the reasons the wonders is to die. The other half of the reason I write is unrest or energy swirling, mind dust devils curiosity and ravenous hunger to ride to learn to grow to tell stories to inhabit stories.

Postaday on WordPress is still here though NaPoWriMo is over. So even though I can’t get the Postaday badge to stick on here and it seems a little contrived, I need the stucture to write and hope now. A game to ride the beautiful bucking swirling dust devils into ink seahorses to frolic on the page for you. Because I need to.

Weekly Photo Challenge and Weekly Discover Challenge also keep me wondering and going there admiring the world. Admiring the world keeps me close to the wind and tight woven with the magic of gratitude so they enchant this mysterious rodeo.

I hope you have as much fun reading as I do writing. I love the ride. I love you guys.