Being Present and Away

Present Away

Silence invests in me
Doing nothing
Sets Inward free
Is a liberal education
Investing me into it
Or it in me

Invest in me|
I become original
Add to being
Rather than fitting
A brick in a wall
A dollar in a wallet

Liberal educated
For a library fee
When college classes aren’t
Making me more me


“How do you grow?”

wpid-2013-04-30-14.47.18.jpg“By investing in yourself.”

Shuronda Robinson of

From Panel discussion at Woman’s Entrepreneurial Luncheon 2013 Austin Texas

10 thoughts on “Being Present and Away

  1. Doing nothing in silence. The best way to let the world come into you & rummage in every corner & shadow until you have reached an accommodation with each other. When it leaves, it always locks the door behind it & often leaves a small but valuable gift, wrapped & tucked-away in an unobtrusive spot.


    1. So that is were these gifts come from. I always thought God put them there for me. ; ) All along it was cause and effect, silence. Do you think maybe silence is part of God since it closes and locks doors and creates soul by letting World permeate and settle in the corners changeing the composition of body mind and spirit? I may become Greek after all, with lots of room for lots of gods. : )
      Are you a demi god or outright full god of the human variety?


      1. I read this a dozen times. I started to reply 4 times. Each time I stopped because, in truth, I’m, not sure how to answer you (apart from the part about being a god or demi-god – that part is easy; I am (of course) neither). I think I don’t have the words to make my picture, sit alongside (or inside) yours.

        You have an enviable & prodigious talent which sometimes takes my breath away in sheer awe & admiration, but our view of the world is through different windows. Where they coincide, like they do in this piece, they are like beams of light coming from opposing windows, high above the floor in a building everybody reveres, but nobody understands anymore.

        Unsatisfactory as it is, this is the only answer I can offer (& at midnight on a Monday even this is like ice-skating uphill).

        I’m not sure that God or gods even notice us anymore, and when they are all dead, will we even notice (let alone care)?


        1. Invisible Cathedral Moments

          Many windowed view
          From there, here
          Or looking up
          Being art with you

          My heart smiles burst light in here were lost socks and lost words worship silence imagineing mortal gods. You know, like, Rilke Jung Nitche …


  2. Ah, yes, the ACTIVE silence! Just when we think we or it’s doing nothing, it turns out to be yeast in the baker’s dough or brewer’s wort.
    It’s even better when you find a group to do this nothing-ness with. (For me, it’s a traditional Quaker meeting for worship, though it began with a circle of yogis.)
    You’re so right about originality and individuality springing from just letting go there.


    1. Hello Jnana,

      Yeast, yes. A small amount of it changes everything to lightness and flavor. I like it!
      A group to enjoy this creative process with, feels like a lucky lucky thing to have. It takes time rise and to develop. I’m just at the early stages of yogi. Yet, you make me feel like I’m on the right path for it. The whole church thing used to work for me when I was a kid, but I have put away childish things and need a deeper conection not confined by dogma, but more intimate and concious. I’m glad you have it.
      It seems that first being oneself and original. one can become a building block for a group and not become an inert sheep brick but a living concious discerning co-creator.

      You are fun to have around. Good conversation.


  3. There are whole days in which you are supposed to do nothing, just soak up, soak up, soak up… those days are called “Nothing Days”. A great investment in yourself:-) Lovely replies all of you!


  4. What does the air, flippant invisibility, owe to the one who breathes? What does the moon, quietly discreet, speak to the space between itself and its infinity?
    Nothing. In the knowing, there is something, there is you and there is me, and the moments, though they die, can be the only thing with meaning.
    Magnitude, combustion, perpetuating the song you sing, I am so blessed to hear you. Queen, in awe I love and think a lot in depth about you.


    1. You would, that seems like what you are after. I read it in you blog. You know, signing everything you post doesn’t accomplish that as well as the terrific process you expose.


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