13 thoughts on “A Glass Darkly – Empty and Full

  1. zero gravity 🙂

    there might be some astronauts
    flying around the blue planet
    far away from the oceans
    of life

    someone might watch
    their spacy station
    as a sparkling in the last light
    of a golden dusk
    on its journey
    into a very short

    standing there
    glasses in hands
    to catch a glimpse
    of that mystic
    science fiction


  2. Sometimes I wish I could fly, but then again, us, humans, possess a power that no other creature on this planet possess: imagination. In our imagination we can do whatever we want. We can fight any type of evil/gravity in our imagination.

    Like in the movie Sucker Punch, sometimes imagination can drag you through some rough times.

    I loved this poem, Waywardspirit. Very thought provoking.

    I’m looking forward to following you!


    1. Yep

      That and everything we don’t have the app for

      NO little boys could play cops and robbers and Hollywood would not exists without Indians for the cowboys to slaughter with good reason. and well yeah, no Hollywood without love.
      All adds up to love is evil.
      Why do we blame money?
      *Wonders if it works the other way and evil is love*


  3. Someone said and i agree, the glass is always full to the top. half with water and half with air. you can keep on changing the matter. we always define the glass full or empty based on our needs, but if you go above the needs (which is very difficult), you will realize that actually glass is always full to the top. 🙂


  4. “First Physics Law of Cartoons: Gravity will not work till you look down.. The world is cartoon. Why look down?” 🙂


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